She can do anything! She has the power!

Hey Readers!

How small is the world everyone says…maybe or maybe not! Find out in this blog for which the words and excitement within me are actually overflowing!

Well, you know her. But, do you really think so? Let’s check out your know how about her, because she is a package full of surprises.

She is a female, a noblewoman, a mother, the Former Miss India, a Bollywood actress.

Are you able to guess? No? Maybe too broad to guess!
Try it in the second go!

A politician, a pilot, biker, adventure lover, an avid traveler & a fitness enthusiast! Isn’t she sounding like a magic box!?

She is none other than GUL PANAG! Yes!

Gulkirat Kaur Panag (her birth name) was born on January 3, 1979 (the same date as mine… well, this gives me a super rush of confidence and an extra dose of wanderlust!). A part of a family where her dad was in Indian Army she relocated to several places across India. Let me unfold her to you…


Gul won the title of Miss India in the year 1999 and represented India in the Miss Universe Contest as well. The perfect example of Beauty with Brains from India, she has made us proud since then.

Gul Panag is considered to be one of the most influential people on social media in India. She has a follower base of 245k on Instagram!


As a candidate of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) from Chandigarh, she came at the 3rd position in the Indian General Election of 2014.


“Aviation is a passion, and a pure hobby”; Gul once said. What was next? Everyone has witnessed that. She became an inspiration to all the young girls when in 2016 she became a certified pilot and lived her passion.

I guess very few know her as an adventure junkie. But she is an adventure lover who actually loves activities like Bungee Jumping, Skiing, Biking to tough terrains, Horse Riding and much more.

She has travelled to 30+ countries round the globe and she is actually giving major travel goals to the female gentry!
She had been selected as the Tourism Ambassador in 2011 as a part of the ‘Visit Finland’. Her favorite place is Finland!
A three-episode travelogue was aired on Discovery Channel featuring Gul Panag.

Breaking the usual customs and style of leaving home after marriage, she went the biker’s way.

Rather reaching the wedding destination over a mare, the groom (her school friend turned husband) came on a bullet and took her away!

• She is a fantastic person in handling guns and practices shooting as well!

• She is an entrepreneur (co-founder of a tech company)

• She is a producer in the film industry.

• Travel solo
• Explore the areas out of your comfort zone
• Always be well prepared for the uncertainties and problems
• See a place differently

So readers… Be fearless, charismatic and confident.

Travel the world because she proves that there are no boundaries for an individual in their lives.

You can do what your will permits. Broaden your will and you will be a new you!



Instagram: 51.8k followers
Youtube: 140k followers
Interests: Travel Vlogger, solo travel enthusiast & travel Film Maker

If you really want more from life, you shall definitely follow her!

She is a travel geek who loves to explore the world out of her comfort zone.
Quit her job in the year 2018 and within a year she has such huge base of followers! Young travel enthusiasts like me really adore her as an astounding digital nomad!


Instagram: 10.9k followers
Youtube: 85k plus followers
Interests: Travelling, Videography, Aerial Cinematography
An IIT Guwahati pass out who left his 9-5 job after 3 years and chose what he loved…

Bike trips, treks to the most remote terrains with cameras and laptop as mandatory things in his backpack; Nishit Sharma is a Vlogger who loves to let people explore various places through his lenses and inspire them.


Instagram: 59.6k followers
Youtube: 685,673
Interests: Travel, photography, Society, Environment, talking to people from different countries.

By profession he has been a journalist, lecturer, news reader etc.
A National Tourism Awardee, Varun let his wanderlust instinct flow and travelled 20+ countries!
He travelled Europe in just Rs 10,000 for 16 days! Yes!


Instagram: 36.5k followers
Youtube: 94k subscribers
Interests: Travelling, Photography

Well, she is just like us! A Netflix person, a pizza lover, nachos crazy and a person who loves sleep!

You may call her Kiki. A graduate from the Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, Kritika is a creative travel and lifestyle blogger & vlogger.


Instagram: 853 followers
Youtube: 561
Interests: Travel Photography, Travel Films, Artist.

You do not see much strong social media followers of Varun. But, this Hyderabad based traveler has his own photo book which shows Turkey photographed by him.
With an amazing collection of photographs on his Natgeo profile he has been featured in Tripoto & Telangana Today .

5 greatest male travelers of all time

Travel may be a fashion or an on trend these days but there have been great explorers and travelers gifted to our world of wanderlust.

Let me introduce you to 5 greatest travelers of all time:


The ingenious, fearless Italian explorer who travelled 4 voyages near the Mediterranean & across the Atlantic Ocean and continued to explore until he was on the verge of dying.

The famous navigator left the world on 20 May, 1506 simultaneously opening the gateway for others to discover America


There is no one who is unaware about one of the most prominent Moroccan traveler – Ibn Battuta, the last great Muslim Geographer.

The resilient traveler and storyteller had explored more than 120000kms which today actually are 44 countries. Right from Timbuktu to Shanghai & from Italy to Indonesia!


The Nobel Peace Prize winner was born in 1861 in Norway. The champion skier; skied across Norway and went further North till 255km where any man till that date never went. He revolutionized the Polar exploration.

The very first traveler who went across the ice caps of Greenland & Arctic Ocean who adjusted to all the difficulties from eating polar bears and walrus to living in a hut made of stones for 9 months!


He is the one behind whom the Palin-Effect is penned! He brought travel live to television. He made the world come to everyone’s homes by showing his travel through television.

With cracked ribs; he travelled across the Sahara, Himalayas etc. Television series of around the world in 80 days which showcased various travelling experiences and television documentaries like Pole to Pole is what he is known for.


Lieutenant-colonel, survival instructor, adventurer & British former SAS serviceman set a Guinness world record in 2008 for the longest continuous indoor freefall. He has various other records on his name and rules the Man v/s Wild show as well as other series.

The man who works for environment, charity with complete discipline and tremendous number of followers round the globe!

And now, you explore the traveller within you reader!


My clothes and accessories selected, medicines kept, food checked, passport taken, all the items of the list checked and my tickets booked. I thought to search about the place I am visiting and get pre-acquainted with the basic language spoken, culture and customs and the best places to visit. Excitement kept on increasing throughout the search and as my days to visit this place were coming closer.

The date came. With packed bags in my hand and passport and the tickets in the purse I started my journey to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I hardly knew that witnessing and exploring this place will be much more beautiful than I had searched.

Let me introduce you to Yogyakarta. Also known as ‘Jogjakarta’ and pet named as ‘Jogja’. Jakarta and Jogja are situated on the island of Java. The beauty of the place, the places to visit, the people, culture, streets, food everything is humble and at the same time awestrucking. The currency used here is Indonesian Rupiah.


People in Jogja usually use languages such as Bahasa, Indonesian, Javanese and few can speak English. It is definitely difficult for the foreigners to understand the language but we usually get acquainted with some common words over time. Google translator is always there for your help!

Well, I learnt to speak a bit of Bahasa and to write Javanese too.
Learning languages makes it easier for someone to mingle easily in an unknown place. It is the first step to enter into a new culture and establish bonding amongst new people.

This is my name written in Javanese!


One of the most welcoming country I have ever seen is Indonesia. Yes, this is a fact. People here are so humble, generous, helpful, kind.. One can literally fall short of words!
I came accross some incidences where people were not able to communicate in English with me nor was I able to understand their language but they never take their foot back to help us out.
The people here are beautiful!


A smile on the face always. Citizens of Jogja are excited to see the foreigners and getting pictures clicked with them! Yes! Anytime on the roads you may be stopped and gently with a smiling face may be asked to get a picture clicked. Don’t get annoyed or shocked because the cute citizens love foreigners!
Guessing that I am Indian most of the citizens just have two things to say ‘KUCH KUCH HOTA HAIN’ , ‘SHAHRUKH KHAN’? India in short here is known by these two. Some of them also asked me- have you seen Shahrukh khan? Is he your friend?


One of the most important custom Javanese or Indonesians follow is they take their footwear outside the home and do not take them inside. Just the same as few Indian households. So whenever you visit their homes just as a courtesy and respect for them follow it. They have a special way of greeting. As in India we greet with a NAMASTE or a HELLO ; Indonesians hold your hand and bow their heads down or as the major population is Muslim they greet with AS’SALAAM WALLEKUM.

The dance and music forms are amazing and beautiful. They play instruments made from Bamboo and this is the traditional music here. In almost every cafe and street you get to listen live music which is soothing to your ears.
Again, as the majority form the Muslim population, wearing a Hijaab (head cover for females) is a custom and a culture for the ladies in Jogja or other parts of Indonesia. From small girls to women wear the head cover here.


The traffic of Jogja is actually like Delhi’s traffic! Yes! One can see the roads full with cars and bikes.
Public transport inckudes public buses which are popularly known as ‘TRANS JOGJA’. Green colored AC buses which take you to everywhere in the city and there are various bus stops too. Travelling by TRANS JOGJA is one of the most cheapest way to travel.
Online apps like ‘GO JEK’, ‘GRAB’ etc. are widely used in Jogja by the citizens just like we use Uber and Ola in India. The drivers have a specific dress and not only cars are used but the most famous vehicle for these apps are the bikes. On the roads of Jogja you come accross a lot of bikes rather than cars. Many people use these services.
If you book a bike through Go-jek it is call ‘Go-ride’ and for the cars the term used is ‘Go-cars’. So, Go-rides are cheaper as compared to Go-car for an Individual person. Helmets are a must here not only for the riders but for the pillions too.
A traditional ride known as ‘BECHA’ is one of the most used transportations again and one time must take experience for travellers. It is a tricycle with seats which can occupy two passengers and driven by a rider who also wears a helmet. These are motor run as well as manually run too.

This is a Becha!

The seat of the Becha that occupies two passengers

Life in Jogja is wonderful!
For more know how about Jogja, its food, famous places be ready for some more posts coming up on my blog!

Let the bullet shoot! (an intangible gift!)

The bits and pieces of a small journey from one place to another sum it up to a beautiful travel story. Ever travelled to surprise someone? To make someone smile a bit wider? To make someone a bit more happier? Well, I did. Someone said: this is my first and last birthday here and if you do not come then just let it be.
So there I started my journey. My Hongkong hangover was not yet over but I had to do this. I had no option. I reached sharp at 12 to surprise you with some gifts and to see that smile over your face. I am thankful to you about the way you liked the gifts and the way you kept them. I had to leave for Indonesia the next day and reaching Delhi was important but still I made this jerky wish to drop me by the bike.Planning for the main day and then seeing all the plans getting cancelled was seriously upsetting for me but this is how a beautiful, adventurous and tiring travel journey began.
I urged you to leave me to Delhi by bike but at first you said a no because it was actually not possible and feasible too. I know I became stubborn like a kid and told you again and again to drop me and then you said a yes. Yippie!!
Waking up early in the morning to leave someone whom you know maybe from the past 6-7 months is a big deal. Thankyou! For that. And the bullet shooted. (here, the bullet is the Royal Enfield 350 CC bike)

Pic courtesy: The birthday man!

Took the beautiful route from Paonta Sahib (famous Gurudwara at the border of Himachal Pradesh) to reach Delhi. A long journey had begun. The speed kept on rising. Mountainous area at the beggining of the trip was just amazing. The turns and bends, the trees on both sides, cooler than usual, the road was almost vacant. It was just the sound of the Einfield which could be heard and the only thing which I could feel was the surrounding, the ambiance and my happier inside.
The trees looked as if they had formed a tunnel. They were crowded and together at some points and they were distant at others. The colors the trees were splashing were beautiful. There was silence in the environment. The road was smooth without any bumps and breakers here. The speed kept on increasing.

Imagine, suddenly something comes in front of your vehicle or you need to apply the brakes! Happened at times where my breath stopped but honestly I had faith in you that you will drive off from there and you did it. Stopping for 5-10 min at two-three food joints to freshen up and have something and then restart the journey was fun. I know, i had a lot of baggage which was making it difficult for you to ride. But, the essence of the trip remains in the way the journey ended.

We had red eyes, hands full of dirt and dust, face turned darker, back and ass paining, our hair were in a horrible condition as if we got an electric shock! But then travel journeys are meant to be this way. They are no fun without experiencing all this. (this line was said just to nullify the bad effect..hahaha)

The race, a little bit of fear within me, the not working of map to show us the road were all the scenes to be remembered and cherished. But let me tell you, that you are lazy. You did not even open the bottle of the beverages and just held the bottle and asked me to open the same. But it was your day so i spared you otherwise I would have screwed you(hahahaha)
But, i thank you for every bit of the trip. And i swear if it would have been someone else I would not have asked for a trip like this. I knew that you will drop me on time and safely too. So, wishing you a great birthday again! Hope you like it. Thank you!

There is a checklist of trips which are planned and we will go there whether we have money or no!! Heheh

One last thing, i am aware that i held your shoulder tight but it did not break! See!
See you soon….


Are you ready to begin the adventure? Let the adrenaline rush within you because you are going to kick start with one of the most memorable yet bold trip you will ever take. Biking trip in itself is a dashing experience one can ever have.
To make this trip hassle free and a level up in enjoyment and grabbing some of the best experiences, my dear biker friend you need to have these 5 must haves with you. Check them out:

Your safety comes first. Make sure you have a helmet which is not only of good quality but is also from some well certified company. Protect yourself and your life first. Moreover, this would not only act as a safeguard for you but it can save you from being penalized. There are various places where the police keep a check and penalize the riders for not wearing the helmet.
So, to avoid adding extra cost to your trip, it is better you have this on your checklist first.

  • Pic courtesy: Indrani Dasgupta

Well, this acts a complete treasure for any traveller. Plus it is one of the handiest things for a biker. Your backpack acts as your storehouse. So make sure you keep in it the things you will require frequently. Your wallet, driving license and the other ID proofs should be there within. It should have some eatables, water bottle, napkin, sunglasses, and a pair of clothes which do not occupy a lot of space. Your bag pack must have the charger, power bank, camera, earphones, medicines and other toiletries too. A proper and a decent first aid kit must grab a place in the bag.
Reminder! – keep it light. Do not over stuff your bag. Take small portions of everything. Like you can take shampoo sachets instead of the entire bottle. You can reuse your clothes.

A scooty trip to the mountains

You would have got your motor bikes serviced prior to the trip but what if it suddenly breaks down? Yes, it can breakdown. It is a machine after all. Be ready with a toolkit and stay prepared on how to use it too. There may be some locations where it will be difficult to find a mechanic and you will have to enter into a role of the mechanic. It is better that you learn how to use the tool kit and what you shall do when a bike breaks down due to several reasons. There can be a mini pump, spare tube, tire levers, engine oil, accelerator cables etc.

A bike riding trip inculcates within a different level of style, status and confidence. There are special jackets, gloves and boots made for a biker. These not only act as a style statement but they have varied purposeful usage. The gloves provide the bikers good grip, the jackets help them to cover and protect their chest from the weather conditions. These things also protect the riders from injuries. Though these maybe not required in all the seasons but if it is a long trip there are a must haves. There are jackets, gloves and boots designed for the bikers riding in different weather conditions. Put on these because without these a biker’s feeling is somewhere lost.

Just imagine your gadgets getting fully discharged and there is no way to charge them! Carry a notepad with you which contains all the contact numbers of the important persons who will be of your help during your journey, note down the proper addresses of some hotels or any accommodation that you have searched for. You can also note down some essentials which you think you may forget. If you are a writer then a notepad is of one of the best use to you.

Long way to go bikers! Ride safe and enjoy your journey. Don’t let the biker within you die. Have some patience and don’t lose your will power.

There will be hurdles on your way but there will be much more fun, excitement, experience and surprises for you on this solo biking trip.


Under the glitters!

Travel – it does not only mean to move and explore new places. It is one complete word in itself which has no specifications. One can travel through his life, by sitting and travelling through minds and thinking new aspects. A small walk with friends, dancing insanely, collecting all what you see by your eyes within your heart is all travelling for a person like me. Try to enjoy the small chunks or let me say the atoms of travelling because it is an ocean and you will have to fill your bucket drop by drop and live every moment.

Today I travelled a part of me; I witnessed and imbibed within a chunk of travelling. I travelled through the stars today. Some people may find this depressing or not so happening. Few may mark it is as a waste of time or a boring and monotone activity. But, trust me, sitting over the roof top with your head facing towards the sky and the air touching and passing by your face is one of the most soothing and mesmerizing experience one can ever have.

When you look up in the sky it is a roof, a ceiling which has glitters sprinkled everywhere. It is like a black bed sheet with silver shimmers all around. If you pause and think then one can draw many conclusions from it. It feels as if you have pearls and diamonds all above your head. In the world full of darkness (symbolically representing the black sky), there is still hope that shines and makes you stand out (representing to the stars).

There are stars that twinkle, stars which are old and have lost their energies and are no longer able to shine strong, the lucky ones get to see the shooting stars and then there are stars that hold upon firmly and shine bright without flickering. Continuous gazing at the stars feels as if white CFL bulbs are flickering because of fluctuation in the voltage.

Amidst the silent roads where one can only see the street lights and the lights of an industry, witnessing the beauty all above oneself brings within you special energy or say a super power. A cup of tea, music being played, siting in peace makes one forget all the worries and helps one to ponder upon new dimensions.

Once in a lifetime, one shall witness this. It is not as monotonous as it may seem to. Ever caught a firefly? How beautiful does it look when you capture it within your palms! Star gazing and fireflies all around left me jaw dropped!

Experience it folks! Let’s gaze the stars, catch the fireflies and feel the coldness of those beautiful glitters above us.

Trip to those starry nights with beautiful tracks being played in the background!